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              On the morning of September 11, 2001, the passengers and crew of American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, left Washington D.C. area's Dulles Airport enroute to Los Angeles.

The names of those lost are given below. More detailed information is available, for any individual whose name appears in blue, by selecting the "pearl" preceding their name.

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Candlelight Vigil

P. Ambrose    Ambrose, Paul
Y. Betru    Betru, Yeneneh
M. J. Booth    Booth, M. J.
B. Brown    Brown, Bernard
C. Burlingame    Burlingame, Charles
S. Calley    Calley, Suzanne
W. E. Caswell    Caswell, William E.
D. M. Charlebois    Charlebois, David M.
S. Clark    Clark, Sarah
Z. Cooper    Cooper, Zandra
A. Cottom    Cottom, Asia
J. Debeuneure    Debeuneure, James
R. Dickens    Dickens, Rodney
E. Dillard    Dillard, Eddie
C. Droz    Droz, Charles
B. G. Edwards    Edwards, Barbara G.
C. S. Falkenberg    Falkenberg, Charles S.
D. Falkenberg    Falkenberg, Dana
Z. Falkenberg    Falkenberg, Zoe
J. J. Ferguson    Ferguson, James Joe
D. Flagg    Flagg, Darlene
W. Flagg    Flagg, Wilson
R. P. Gabriel, Sr.    Gabriel, Sr., Richard P.
I. Gray    Gray, Ian
S. Hall    Hall, Stanley
M. Heidenberger    Heidenberger, Michele
B. Jack    Jack, Bryan
S. D. Jacoby    Jacoby, Steven D.
A. Judge    Judge, Ann
C. Keller    Keller, Chandler
Y. Kennedy    Kennedy, Yvonne
N. Khan    Khan, Norma
K. A. Kincaid    Kincaid, Karen A.
D. Lee    Lee, Dong
J. Lewis    Lewis, Jennifer
K. Lewis    Lewis, Kenneth
R. May    May, Renee
D. Menchaca    Menchaca, Dora
C. Newton    Newton, Christopher
B. Olson    Olson, Barbara
R. Ornedo    Ornedo, Ruben
R. Penniger    Penniger, Robert
R. R. Ploger III    Ploger, III, Robert R.
L. J. Raines    Raines, Lisa J.
T. Reuben    Reuben, Todd
J. Sammartino    Sammartino, John
D. Simmons    Simmons, Diane
G. Simmons    Simmons, George
M. Sopper    Sopper, Mari-Rae
R. Speisman    Speisman, Robert
N. L. Steuerle    Steuerle, Norma Lang
H. E. Taylor    Taylor, Hilda E.
S. Teague    Teague, Sandra
L. A. Whittington    Whittington, Leslie A.
J. D. Yamnicky    Yamnicky, John D.
V. C. Yancy    Yancy, Vicki C.
S. Yang    Yang, Shuyin
Y. Zheng    Zheng, Yuguang

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