This Section tells how to submit information to the Memorial and some of the Memorial's policies.

We would like to offer you and yours our most heartfelt sympathy for your loss and our prayers for your strength in the days ahead. We are truly honored that you wish to share with us in the celebration of your loved one's life.

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Memorial Guidelines

Information for any individual that lost their life as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11 must be submitted by a member of their family. A family member must also be the original author of any tribute material submitted (see COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT below). (If no next of kin exists, a close friend may ask to submit the material.)



General inquiries, information, and photographs for inclusion in the Memorial may be submitted to the Memorial Administrator.

Basic information of the type shown below, may be submitted.


Examples for NATIONALITY might be
USA (Hispanic descent)
USA (Born in Poland)


One of the unique features of the Memorial is that EVERY written tribute submitted for inclusion in the Memorial MUST be entirely authored by a family member. They do not, however, need to have been originally written only for use in the Memorial. There is no need to rush to prepare any written tribute(s), as we anticipate accepting tributes over the next several years.

Please be very careful when submitting written tributes for inclusion in your loved one's tribute area. Family members must avoid any tendency, due to a perceived need for haste, to borrow professionally authored information about their loved one. Pre-published material that has been created by others (such as newspaper or magazine articles or poetry), or tributes consisting of portions of that type of material, will NOT be accepted. The only exception to this policy are any eulogies, written by others, for reading at a formal memorial service.

The September 11, 2001 Memorial cannot be placed in jeopardy of violation of copyright by inadvertent or deliberate submission of copyright-protected material. If it is found that material of that type has been submitted, the associated tribute area will be closed -- without exception.


You may submit up to three photographs for inclusion in a tribute area.

We prefer (due to risk of damage in transit) that you retain your original photographs and send us scanned photo files, as e-mail attachments (in .jpg, .bmp, or .tif formats). If you are unable to use this method and cannot obtain assistance, we will provide our mailing address for photo submission by regular (USPS) mail.

Upon their receipt, we will adjust photo positioning, size, and clarity. However, we will make every attempt to keep the nature/subject matter of your photographs complete and you will, of course, have final approval.

When choosing your photograph(s), we prefer that at least one of the photos be of a somewhat casual nature (i.e.: with loved ones, friends, pets, hobbies), in order to give more insight into the individual. Please also remember to send a brief caption for each photo. That caption will appear momentarily whenever the photo is pointed to.

(Note, once again, by submitting photographs and other material for display to the public in the Memorial, you are implying that you have the legal right to do so. Keep in mind that professional or news photos often require a release to be published, while family photos do not.)


This Memorial is a free service. The Memorial neither solicits nor accepts any contributions, from any individual, for sustaining this Internet site. If you feel the need to make a personal donation, please contact one of the many organizations attempting to provide that form of relief.

Only information the participant intends to display in the Memorial will be released to the public. All other information, including family contact information obtained in the course of submission of display information, will not be released to any party without judicial order.

Please do NOT send us Social Security numbers or any other similar type of confidential information. You should always SECURELY guard this type of information to avoid issues such as identity theft.

Inclusion of an individual's nationality only serves to further reflect the global scope of this tragedy. No grouping by nationality will occur within this Memorial.


The September 11, 2001 Memorial will make every attempt to retain, in all its content, the respectful atmosphere that is appropriate to its purpose.

No images of destruction will appear... other sources of that type of material are more than plentiful. We prefer that tributes be a celebration of the life of the individuals lost, not a chronology of the events surrounding their tragic passing.

No form of advertising will appear.

No outbound linkages to other sites are being provided at this time. If we later choose to display links to other sites, they will be displayed on a separate page that is clearly identifiable to those seeking them. In addition, those linked sites will be of a type considered, solely in the discretion of Memorial administration, to be content appropriate for viewing by visitors of all ages.


The Memorial is sponsored by Handicapped Access for the Nation's disAbled (H.A.N.d.), located in Dallas, Texas.

HANd has been actively coordinating volunteer advocacy efforts in support of persons with disabilities (in Texas and, to a lesser extent, other states) for more than a decade.

Our primary mission is that of ensuring that all persons with disabilities are provided appropriate exterior access into public accommodations under the various state and federal accessibility statutes. Primary among these is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Our service has always been a free one and we, also, do not accept donations from any individual.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, we felt a need to contribute in some way that would have a lasting effect. Since the majority of HANd volunteers have mobility impairments, we knew that we could not travel to New York City to physically assist in the efforts taking place there. Consequently, it was decided that we could best serve each victim's family by establishing a memorial to ensure that their loved one never be forgotten. The September 11, 2001 Memorial is the result of those efforts.


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