David Paul DeRubbio
(Firefighter - FDNY)

Dave, Eng. Co. 226
AGE: 38

(One daughter, age 13)

Firefighter - Engine Company 226
New York Fire Department



David and nephew, Joseph


(From his sister, Angela)

To the Best Brother in the World

You are one truly special person, special far beyond my ability to express in words. You have remained one of the most positive people I've ever known. You are such a good person, tough and resilient, but soft and compassionate. You're a good friend, loyal and loving. You've inspired me greatly in all the important decisions in my life. You have a heart of gold. I've never known anyone with such a tender, yet indomitable spirit.

You helped me shape my ideas when I was growing up. You played a part in my destiny. You taught me to reach for the sky when I might have been satisfied with the ground. You helped me to develop confidence in myself and made me feel that I COULD DO ANYTHING. You have been a real-life example of how never to give up in the face of disappointment, fear, conflict and trouble.

My life would have been very different without your example, and my days wouldn't be as joyful without your love.

I miss you. I love you brother. Now, always.

Your sister, Angela

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