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              When aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center's twin towers, hesitation was not in the mind of any member of New York City's Finest.

NYPD, Port Authority, and law enforcement officers from the other agencies present, together with that city's Bravest, set about the monumental task of getting people out of harm's way.

It was while doing the job so familiar to them - trying to save lives while bringing order out of chaos - that their lives were taken from us.

The names of those lost are given below. More detailed information is available, for any individual whose name appears in blue, by selecting the "pearl" preceding their name.

This Honor Roll for the fallen peace officers represents only a small token of our appreciation of the valor they have shown and the price they have paid...

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Candlelight Vigil

E. Allen    Allen, Eric
J. Amato    Amato, James
L. Callahan    Callahan, Liam
R. D. Cirri    Cirri, Robert Dominick
M. J. Ellis    Ellis, Mark J.

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