In this Memorial Section we discuss our purpose in the construction of this Internet-based Memorial.

              The thoughts and prayers of all the civilized world are with the family and friends of those people, of many nationalities and faiths, whose lives were tragically lost during and following the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.


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In the period of time that has elapsed since September 11, many monument-based memorials to the victims have been planned for placement in communities throughout our nation. These memorials unfailingly use unique architectural designs to accomplish their view of their "mission". Some may include a list of names of those lost. Perhaps they may even provide a place to sit and reflect.

In addition, many Internet-based memorials have been created. These memorials sometimes borrow news reports done on a particular individual which may, periodically, contain brief quotes from someone close to the victim. More often, these memorials are simply lists of names or primarily areas for persons that had never met any of the victims to express their feelings.

In our informal reviews of these monument-based plans and visits to these Internet-based memorials we have found one element consistently lacking -- personal insight into the individuals themselves.

The September 11, 2001 Memorial was created with a major difference in mind. It would be much more than simply a list of names. It would take tributes directly and solely from those closest to the person lost. Only those that were loved ones of the victim would be represented, as only they can truly give insight into who their loved one was... and who they will always be in their memories.

Remembering another, truly remembering, is one of the greatest honors we can give.

Our intent is to honor those lost, in as personal a manner as possible, by establishing a memorial where families (and, through family tributes, close friends) have kindly given something for us all to see, touch briefly, and better understand the loss we have all suffered. A memorial that has no closing hour. A memorial that may be visited by a young child while in school or an elderly patient confined to a wheelchair or bed. A memorial that can be reached from anywhere in the world... from the comfort of home or from a military base thousands of miles from home. We will do our utmost to provide such a memorial.

For, in order to truly honor the victims, we must realize that they were much more than simply entries on a painfully long list of names. We must always remember that with EVERY individual came a story; a history; family and friends; hopes and dreams of tomorrow - all left behind. WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THE PEOPLE...

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