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              On the morning of September 11, 2001, the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757, left Newark's Airport enroute to San Francisco.

Upon learning of the outcome of previous hijackings of that morning, some of those onboard the aircraft indicated that they had decided to act to overpower the terrorists. Evidently, through those extraordinary acts of bravery, they were successful and the terrorists were never permitted to reach their intended target...

The names of those lost are given below. More detailed information is available, for any individual whose name appears in blue, by selecting the "pearl" preceding their name.

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Candlelight Vigil

C. Adams    Adams, Christian
L. G. Bay    Bay, Lorraine G.
T. Beamer    Beamer, Todd
A. Beaven    Beaven, Alan
M. Bingham    Bingham, Mark
D. Bodley    Bodley, Deora
S. W. Bradshaw    Bradshaw, Sandra W.
M. Britton    Britton, Marion
T. E. Burnett, Jr.    Burnett, Jr., Thomas E.
W. Cashman    Cashman, William
G. R. Corrigan    Corrigan, Georgine Rose
J. Dahl    Dahl, Jason
J. Deluca    Deluca, Joseph
P. Driscoll    Driscoll, Patrick
E. P. Felt    Felt, Edward P.
C. Fraser    Fraser, Colleen
A. Garcia    Garcia, Andrew
J. Glick    Glick, Jeremy
K. Gould    Gould, Kristin
L. Grandcolas    Grandcolas, Lauren
W. A. Green    Green, Wanda A.
D. F. Greene    Greene, Donald F.
L. Gronlund    Gronlund, Linda
R. Guadagno    Guadagno, Richard
L. Homer    Homer, LeRoy
T. Kuge    Kuge, Toshiya
C. Lyles    Lyles, CeeCee
H. Marcin    Marcin, Hilda
W. Martinez    Martinez, Waleska
N. Miller    Miller, Nicole
L. J. Nacke    Nacke, Louis J.
J. H. Peterson    Peterson, Jean Hoadley
D. A. Peterson    Peterson, Donald A.
M. Rothenberg    Rothenberg, Mark
C. Snyder    Snyder, Christine
J. Talignani    Talignani, John
H. E. Wainio    Wainio, Honor Elizabeth
D. Welsh    Welsh, Deborah

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