Adam P. Arias

AGE: 37


Vice President - Operations
Euro Brokers Inc.

USA (Hispanic descent)


Margit and Adam are wed. (Sept. 1998)
Adam with his parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. (Nov. 1998)


(From his wife, Margit)

My husband was a loving and caring man. He had a beautiful smile and a wonderful sense of humor. Adam cared deeply about his family and friends. If you needed him, he was there.

Adam was the youngest of six children born to Thomas and Theresa Arias. Adam is survived not only by his parents and me, but also by three brothers: Thomas, Donald, and Andrew, and by two sisters: Lorraine Arias and Lauren Lucchini. Twenty-two nieces and nephews also survive him.

Adam could also sing... and boy do I miss that voice! He could hold a note as good as "ol' blue eyes" himself - Frank Sinatra! That's exactly how we met! He was a lead singer in a band called Cold Blue, performing at the Blue Willow on Staten Island. It was October 16, 1993 and that is when my life began.

My husband was a very smart man... scary smart! Adam dropped out of high school at 17 and got his GED before his graduating class even graduated. He had been working in the city ever since. He loved NYC, the excitement, and the entertainment. His break came about five years ago when he was hired by Euro Brokers Inc., a division of Maxcor Financial.

Adam started as Cashier. He worked his way up to Vice President of Operations (domestic). Already having some college credits, he always felt that there was room for improvement. Adam had just enrolled to go back to college to get his degree. He already had several of the series licenses but wanted more. I received his acceptance letter after he had died.

I was, and still am, very proud to say, "Adam is my husband." To know him was to love him.

We got married on September 5, 1998. He is my soulmate, my best friend, and my husband.

Adam and his dad were truly the best of friends. He loved spending time with his parents.

And he also cared deeply for his brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. His brother, Major Donald Arias, has a son who is autistic and Adam was always concerned about his nephew. So, I opened a scholarship for the study of autism in memory of my husband at Florida State University, entitled the "Adam P. Arias Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Memorial Scholarship".

Adam, along with his brother, Andrew, was an avid Formula One racecar fan. He also enjoyed golfing with his family, friends, coworkers, and me, in spite of the fact that he would always get stuck in the sand! That is how he got the nickname "SANDWEDGE" on the golf course. He also enjoyed reading, singing, and long walks with a good cigar.

We also enjoyed traveling. We had just returned from a trip to Jamaica with our friends. We had the time of our lives! Then we celebrated our third wedding anniversary for which he bought me the world! He bought me a globe of semi-precious stones and it is beautiful! We were picking places we wanted to visit from that. Adam wanted me to see as much as I could. See I have cancer, and if it weren't for him and his love for me, I wouldn't be here today. In 1998, a long life for me didn't look likely. Adam did the research and got me to the right doctors. I'm alive today because of him! There's no cure for my cancer and when things get tough, I'll continue my fight in the loving memory of my beloved husband!

On the morning of September 11, as Adam was leaving for work, we made plans for the evening. After Tower One was hit, Adam called me to let me know that it was not his building that was hit. It was the other one. He then told me that he loved me and had work to do... then the other line rang. He said, "There's my brother Don. Let me go... I love you and I'll speak to you later"... I never heard from him again.

Adam died a HERO, not only did he warn his coworkers (getting several of them to safety), he also made it out of Tower Two from the 84th floor. He was last seen helping the firefighters lead people from the towers to safety. Unfortunately, he did not make it away from the buildings in time when they collapsed. He died as he lived... helping others.

I will miss him forever. I will love him forever. And he will always be my soulmate!

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