Ariel Jacobs

Jenna and Ari
AGE: 29

Married (September 23, 2000)
One Child (born September 17, 2001)

Executive Vice President
Caplin Systems, Inc.


(Caplin Systems is not a WTC tenant.
Mr. Jacobs was attending a conference
at the Windows on the World Restaurant.)



(From his wife, Jenna)

Ariel was the center of my world, and I lived to make him happy. People often told us that we had an aura around us that glowed with our love. Simply put, we were crazy for each other. I am so lucky to have had five years of what most people never have at all. We left nothing left unsaid -- not one word, not one adoring look, not one touch. My only regret is that we did not have more time to show each other over and over again how in love we were.

But, I am not the only person he was taken from...

Ari, as we called him, left behind a group of friends and admirers that miss him beyond the ability of words to convey the emotion. He was his father's youngest and mother's only child. His sister, brother, and other relatives are bereft with his absence. At the age of only 29, he was running a multi-million-dollar company. His rise to corporate stardom was of legendary proportions, and the business world has lost one of the greats. Even his dogs have shown signs of their loss. Ari was always the person counted on to give exactly the right speech at a birthday party, include those that felt uncomfortable, comfort those that needed a shoulder. He made every effort to shower those he loved with luxuries large and small. People felt special in his presence. The world lost a humanitarian who gave his time, money, and effort to those who needed it, and there was nothing he couldn't do. More importantly, there was nothing he WOULDN'T do to improve someone's life.

Perhaps the most important person that has yet to feel his loss is his son, born on September 17th, just six days after Ariel died. This precious baby would have had an adoring father. Instead, he has an angel.

The only thing Ari didn't have in his life was more time, but I am comforted that my sweet husband lived his short life to the fullest. He knew how lucky he was, not only to have the results of his great achievements, but to have so much love. And, we who loved him, knew what we had when we had it. He loved us from his soul, and we loved him. We still do.


(From Jenna's uncle, Don)

Only having met Ari a handful of times I didn't get to know him very well, but I can relay an anecdote that in a small way illustrates the special person that he was.

It was our Christmas family gathering at my Father's (Jenna's grandfather) apartment. Ari and Jenna were there and it was time to open the presents. My sister gave some of us a sampler box of 3M products which contained several useful item for around the house. When I opened mine I reacted in my usual muted, understated manner with thanks and expressions of how useful this will be. Ari got that same gift and when he opened it, his reaction couldn't have been more different than mine. It was of such genuine gratitude to my sister for having given such a thoughtful gift with so many goodies inside. He went on about how he had never been given such a gift before, and even his facial expressions conveyed the excited look of a child after having gotten the gift he wanted most from Santa.

That small incident made an impression on me, and I will always remember it. It would have been easy for him to just say thank you, but instead he went out of his way to make my sister feel special for having included him in our family's exchange of presents. That was Ari's way. The world is a lesser place without him.

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