Laura Marie Ragonese-Snik

AGE: 41

(Husband, John)
(Son, James)

Special Risk Consultant
Aon Consultants

(Italian-Irish American)


(left to right) Mary Ellen, Michael, Laura, Frank, Mom (Lorraine), and Larry
Maria & Laura - Best Friends


(From Laura's brother, Michael)

For My Dear Sister Laura...

11 months younger then I to the day, our earthly journey was in parallel. Now, you have moved on to the higher place, and though I feel your spirit, I long to see your face.

When I think of you (and it is often), I remember all the wonderful things about you (and there are many). Your zest and enthusiasm for life, your "can do" attitude, that beautiful smile, and that voice -- it came from the tip of your toes--I miss that most of all.

The years we spent singing & dancing together, all the wonderful music and the love of the theatre that we shared... I just don't know how to find that love again without you.

I am angered by the event/people that took you from me (and from our family), but I know you did not live your life in anger. You focused on the good in everyone and never judged people by their mistakes. You loved with no condition and that, my dear sister, is the true lesson and the most precious gift you have left us all with.

I miss you more then words can say. I know that you are in a happier place and looking out for us all. I send all my love to you everyday and every way I can think of. I will love you and be your older brother forever.

Until we sing and dance together again...
Love, #1 brother, Michael

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