Catherine Smith

AGE: 44

Vice President - Technology
Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.




(From mom, Annette)

So many dreams yet to be fulfilled. Not enough time. You were a cornerstone. You lived with such vigor . . . touched and inspired so many. We will always remember your laugh. We were so proud of you.

You were our inspiration . . . so unselfish and thoughtful. When tragedy or hardship appeared before us, you would smooth that bumpy road with such compassion, grace and resolve. Your laugh was contagious, your determination to succeed in all aspects of life was unequaled. We will always love you and miss you, Cathy. You were our heart . . .

Mom, Evelyn, Walter, Vinny, Barbara, Lisa

(From brother, Vinny)

To Cathy,
A few days before you were taken from us, I sat on my front lawn in deep thought. You had just left with Mom and our younger sister, Barbara, who is partially paralyzed. Our family had just had a very special day, thanks to you. I was in awe of your ability to bring things together and make us all laugh at the same time. I was overcome with emotion as I thought about how proud I was to have such an unbelievably great sister. I'll always miss you.
Thank you.

(From domestic partner, Evelyn)

On that tragic day you were taken from us in body, but your spirit lives on in our hearts. So many plans have been shattered. I will continue to fulfill all our dreams until the day we are united. We love you.

Evelyn, Pepper, Brooklyn

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