Arcangel Vazquez

Angel, while in Puerto Rico to attend funeral services for his father (July 2001).
AGE: 47

One daughter, Melissa
Three grandchildren

Maintenance worker
Fiduciary Trust International

USA (Hispanic descent)


Angel's beloved daughter and grandbabies - the youngest was born shortly after he was lost.
Angel's ashes were laid to rest at the family burial site in Puerto Rico, overlooking the ocean (November 2001).


(At the time the following four tributes were added to the Memorial, Mr. Vazquez would have celebrated his 48th birthday.)

(From his sister, Ada)

Angel lived a single life and was surrounded by the love of my mother, who truly misses him, as well as my two brothers, my other sister, and his daughter, Melissa, who has three children (his grand babies that Angel loved so much).

From what I have read on the Fiduciary Trust Forum (which no longer exists), Angel was last seen asking people to leave the building. This is typical of my beloved brother - to help others without regard for his own safety.

As I recall, the last time the building was attacked he was there and also lending a helping hand. He was that type of person. The only difference between that incident and the 9-11 one, is that Angel didn't make it out alive this time.

Happy birthday, Angel :)
I love you always and forever Angel :)

(From his sister-in-law, Evelyn)

Hey brother-in-law!

Just want to take time to tell you that I'm remembering you on your special day. Happy Birthday.

I will never forget your kind demeanor, wonderful smile, and hardy laugh. You were the sweetest brother-in-law a girl could ask for.

I do miss you so, Angel, and I still can't believe you are gone. However, I rest assured in knowing that you are basking in glory with our Lord and savior.

Love you Angel; your memory will always have a special place in my heart.


John 3:16

(From his sister, Graciliana)

Dear Angel,

Just want to wish you a happy birthday, my big brother; I know you are enjoying those streets of Gold!

And what about that mansion that God promised us? When I get to heaven I want my mansion next to yours.

Happy birthday Angel, God bless you.

your little sister -

(From his brother, William)

To my beloved brother, Arcangel, in heaven:

Dear brother, I am writing to you today to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you get a lot of gifts in heaven and a big cake with lots of candles.

Last year at this time, we celebrated your birthday in Puerto Rico - a week later. And I wish you were here so that I could give you a hug and a kiss to tell you how much I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

Angel, as you could see from heaven, everything here is well. We really miss you and it will be selfish of me to say I wish you were here. I say that, but I know you are in a better place, nonetheless, I do wish you were here. Angel, I really do miss you.

David went to the BBQ in your place at Manny's house and everybody missed you.

On behalf of Mami, me, Jose Luis, Ada and Gracie; Evelyn, Phillip and Liz; Melissa, Joey and Laurie; Raquel, Joquel and Raven, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Angel, you've always been the best brother in the world; everybody knows it, and I thank God for you.

When you're looking down from heaven at me, make sure you look out for me. I love you Angel.

Your beloved brother,

P.S. Have a big birthday bash in heaven with Papi, Jose, Edward and abuela.

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